Learn about the benefits and services included in member package.


If you are an ophthalmologist who is licensed in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you are eligible to become a member of MSEPS. As the only organization specifically advocating for the practice of ophthalmology in our state, MSEPS needs your participation to strengthen our voice.

The annual MSEPS Dues Letter is mailed to you with your AAO Dues Letter. To join online, please click here. Alternatively, you can request a membership application, by sending an email with your contact information to

Member Benefits

Approximately 60% of all ophthalmologists in the Commonwealth belong to the MA Society of Eye Physicians. The Society continually works with vendors in exploring and negotiating discounts on new products and services to help reduce practice overhead costs and meet changing member needs. Included in the Society’s member services/benefits package is:

Legislative Representation

A full-time lobbyist is retained to work with state legislators in advancing and protecting the profession, and insuring the availability of the highest quality of medical eye care for the residents of Massachusetts.

Coding and Billing Information:

Answers to members individual coding and billing questions, including proper use of CPT and ICD-10 codes and modifiers, are offered free of charge on an unlimited basis, simply by faxing a request to the MSEPS office.

Membership Directory:

A bound directory with separate alphabetical, geographical and subspecialty listings is distributed annually to every Council on Aging and Senior Center in Massachusetts as well as to all state legislators, school nurses and family practitioners in the state.

MSEPS Newsletter:

A quarterly newsletter containing up-to-date coding, clinical, regulatory and legislative information is distributed to all MSEPS members in the state.

Member Match Program:

Employment referral service which matches graduating residents and fellows with practicing ophthalmologists who are looking to hire associates.

Practice Management

Seminars to educate ophthalmologist and their staff on various issues confronting them today.

Coding Seminars

MSEPS offers focused specialty-specific coding courses for the sub-specialist, as well as comprehensive, all-day CPT/ICD-10 coding courses for the general ophthalmologist.

Ophthalmic Mutual Insurance Company

MSEPS members can receive significant discounts to OMIC services. Click here to see OMIC’s webpage for MSEPS members.