MSEPS sponsors a number of public service and education projects.

Glaucoma Public Awareness Initiative:

Working with the Department of Public Health and the MA Medical Society, MSEPS has developed an on-going program to educate the public on glaucoma, especially targeting the most at-risk segments of the population.

Preschool Children’s Screening Project: 

Seeking to diagnosis amblyobia in children before they reach school age, MSEPS is lobbying to mandate eye screenings for all children in the state by age three.

Ophthalmology for the School Nurse:

School Nurse Eye Care Manual: This handbook was designed by MSEPS for use as a reference guide by school nurses for the eye problems they frequently encounter in the course of their work and the prevention and initial management of eye injuries.

The MSEPS Speakers Bureau:

MSEPS offers a variety of informational talks by member ophthalmologists

Senior Eye Health Screenings:

Free eye screenings are available upon request at Senior Centers and Council on Aging facilities across the state.

HCFA/AAO Medicare Diabetes Initiative:

MSEPS is working to increase the quality of health services provided to Medicare diabetic patients in MA to try and increase the number getting dilated annual eye exams.